Point Richmond, CA

827 Ocean Avenue

Point Richmond, CA 94801

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11am - 5pm


Followed by Dialogue as Social Meditation Session at 6pm


Somatic Learning® Workshops

Multiple Dates in Point Richmond, CA


Presenter(s): Risa Kaparo, PhD


June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19,

October 17, November 19, December 19


Workshop Description:

Is it possible that even a slight shift in awareness can bring about such profound change that we don’t live in the same body or the same reality? Explore how subtle changes in perception can powerfully shape-shift your physical structure, altering your brain and whole body functioning from the inside out, without effort. Discover how perceptual shifts also transform your sense of connectedness with others – bringing forth greater ease, compassion and transparent openness.


This workshop introduces Somatic Learning®, an invitation into deeper attunement with life through engaging your innate somatic intelligence – the sacred, spacious intelligence of your bodymind. Participants will learn embodied mindfulness practices that are easy and fun to practice throughout the day. We will explore and go beyond object-bound, self-identification to allow for a rich, inside-out emergence of what wants to be lived and expressed as ourselves, all-at-once, here and now. This allows us to access the gift and flow of our beautiful, embodied authenticity and to share it openly with others.


Learn How To:

- Extend presence beyond the layers of habituated responses.

- Access radical aliveness in its potency and tenderness.

- Discover how compassionate, empowered and creative your participation becomes when your living arises from a profound, loving interpenetration with the world in an all-encompassing embrace.

- Deepen the benefits of neuroplasticity in transforming the brain and whole body, inclining you toward ever-greater health and happiness.


Somatic Intelligence describes a mode of awareness in which we know ourselves in the immediacy of this moment – from the inside out. Here the separation of observer and observed dissolves, and we sense the unfolding of life from within at “no-distance.” In the words of Buddha, this is “knowing the body from the body,” one of the four foundations of mindfulness.



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