*Sessions available via phone/Skype, & in person at our San Francisco East Bay area and San Jose, CA locations

Monthly Somatic Learning Coaching via Skype/telephone

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Other Services


A dialogue between therapist and client that facilitates an awakening to the behaviors - both physiological and psychological -- that sustain injuries or ill-health.


 •   Individual Consultations: with Dr Kaparo and certified Somatic Learning® Facilitators.


 •     Consultations with couples, families, groups, corporations and institutions: Dr. Kaparo and Inquiry staff bring creative strategies for transformative learning and change, ranging from conflict resolution and performance coaching, to organizational development, and the international peace process.


 •   Supervision: individual and group supervision in Facilitated Somatic Learning  for all kinds of therapists, health practitioners and educators with Dr. Kaparo.


 •  Talks and Seminars: Dr. Kaparo and Inquiry staff also present at various conferences, institutions, universities and medical schools. If your are interested in sponsoring a program for your group or institution, contact us.


 •    Workshops and Intensives: Inquiry offers programs for the general public in the Somatic Learning® disciplines all over the world.


•    Professional Training and Certification Programs: Inquiry offers Somatic Learning trainings (ranging from weekends in specific Touchwork techniques to year long, Certification Programs in teaching Yoga & Somatic Meditations   Facilitated Somatic Learning   Practitioner Trainings and Somalogics   Dialogue Facilitator Trainings.


 • Learners can also participate in these programs in conjunction with graduate and undergraduate degree programs at a several universities.


 • CEC's available on some programs





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