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April 20th - 25th, 2013


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Awakening Somatic Intelligence - The Evolving Ground of Becoming Esalen:

April 20th - 25th, 2013


Presenter(s): Risa Kaparo, PhD


About the Workshop

Rediscover the sacred, spacious intelligence of your bodymind, source of transformative healing and the deep

ecology of embodied mindfulness. In the stunning beauty of Esalen, we explore and go beyond object-bound, self-identification to allow for a rich, inside-out emergence of what wants to be lived as ourselves, all-at-once, here-now.


Participants in this five-day workshop will learn how to:

•     Engage self-sensing, self-organizing and self-renewing aspects of somatic intelligence

•     Extend presence beyond the layers of habitual responses

•     Access radical aliveness in its potency and tenderness

•     Deepen benefits of neuroplasticity in transforming the brain and whole body.

As you learn to fully engage Somatic Intelligence you can transform pain, stress, trauma and aging.  Once you experience these benefits, you won’t want to settle for less.


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