Esalen Institute,

Big Sur, CA

55000 Highway 1

Big Sur, CA 93920

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Esalen Workshop

October 30 - November 1, 2015 in Big Sur, CA


Presenter(s): Risa Kaparo, PhD


Find Freedom and Aliveness By Practicing Embodied Mindfulness


Workshop Description:

Explore the practice of embodied mindfulness in this workshop for people who seek ever-greater freedom and aliveness — those who will not settle for less than living the most creative, empowered, and compassionate lives possible. The Somatic Learning practice developed by Risa Kaparo awakens somatic intelligence, and can transform pain, stress, trauma, and aging while enhancing joy and healthy, vital longevity. Only what grows out of your direct experience has the power to transform you. Since the “body” and the “world” live in your experience — not the reverse, as is generally conceived — how you receive that experience determines everything, from sensation, feeling, thinking, memory, and anticipation.


This workshop guides you into awakening Somatic Intelligence, allowing the inherent wisdom of the bodymind to reveal itself. Your programmed reactions are deactivated and habitual tensions released, creating a more enlivened and integrated life.


The practice can be made subtle enough that you can do them invisibly in public or seamlessly on the job, in your car or wherever you happen to be, and health professionals can easily teach it to their clients and patients.


Risa Kaparo invites you into an experience of slowing down, an immersion in embodied mindfulness that includes somatic meditations, movement, and small-group sessions for integrating somatic intelligence into all aspects of daily life.



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