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Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art & Practice of Embodied Mindfulness

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 in Joshua Tree, CA


Presenter(s): Risa Kaparo, Ph.D.


Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art & Practice of Embodied Mindfulness



Is it possible that even a slight shift in awareness can bring about such profound

change that we no longer live in the same body or the same reality?

Discover how to engage your innate Somatic Intelligence for healing and self-

renewal - feeling and sensing from the inside-out. Somatic Learning is based on a

synthesis of psychological, somatic and meditative disciplines. This embodied

mindfulness practice potentiates the healing force of neuroplasticity. As your body

changes so does your brain, inclining it toward happiness, compassion and

heightened awareness.


We invite you to start enjoying these benefits of Somatic Learning® practice:

- Reorganize and elongate your physical structure

- Eliminate strain

- Enhance the functioning of your immune system

- Optimize performance

- Develop your intelligence and capacity for learning

- Facilitate weight loss

- Heal and prevent injuries and deterioration

- Maximize freedom and aliveness

- Enhance enjoyment and intimacy

- Embody mindfulness in all aspects of living

As you learn to fully engage your somatic intelligence, enjoying a Somatic Learning

practice for even just a few moments a day could transform pain, stress, trauma and

aging. Once you experience these benefits for yourself, why would you settle for



“Kaparo has a genius for both the body and its language”

Rick Hanson, Ph.D. , Buddha’s Brain

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Risa Kaparo, Ph.D.

As a young adult, Dr. Risa Kaparo successfully healed herself from a painful and life-

threatening illness. The discoveries she made led her to create a methodology to

transform pain, stress, trauma and aging and promote wellness, embodied mindfulness

and vital longevity.
This system, called Somatic Learning®, is based on a synthesis of

psychological, somatic and meditative disciplines, having been developed during 35

years of research, clinical practice and training of healthcare practitioners, as well as

yoga and meditation teachers. Her new book Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art

& Practice of Embodied Mindfulness and its companion DVDs and CDs capture the

wisdom of her teachings. A licensed psychotherapist and Somatic Learning® facilitator,

Dr. Kaparo practices in the San Francisco Bay Area and by Skype, offering her unique

approach to self-healing to thousands of individuals around the world. She has taught

Somatic Learning® and Co-Presencing℠ her form of dialogue work at many institutions

internationally, including MIT, JFK University, India’s Jindal Global University and China's

Dalian Medical University. An award-winning poet and songwriter with two CDs of

poetry and music, Awaken and Grateful, and Embrace, a book of poems, her award

winning poetry has been described as “a poetry of soul-making.” Dr. Risa Kaparo’s deep

commitment to the art of awakening will intrigue, entertain and inspire you to engage

the power of your own somatic intelligence.



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